June is sublime in Kansas. During the long, sunny days, I throw open my windows and enjoy the warm breeze then spend the evening on my patio, surrounded by fireflies. This is my month to celebrate the romance of summer. Want to join me? The first step is to make your home its romantic best. Here’s how:  (more…)


My kitchen was the first room I wanted to redecorate when Dan and I moved into our Money Pit historic fixer-upper. But it was the last room I actually got to tackle. The cost of a complete kitchen renovation, which is what this poor space needed, isn’t cheap. As I discovered, there is a lot you can do to make your kitchen look sensational short of remodeling. In fact, by focusing your decorating energies on five key spots, you can make your kitchen a visual treat.  (more…)

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If you asked me to pick my favorite shade of green for decorating, I’d say, “All of them!” When it comes to working with Mother Nature’s favorite color, every tone and tint is a winner. Green can be the main event in a room, shaking it to its core with over-the-top drama, or it can be a soft whisper, providing the background that allows other features in the room to shine. Here are three ways I like to use green when I design interior spaces.  (more…)


When I decorate my home for summer, I like to give my side tables a fresh, seasonal look. It just takes a few minutes to craft a summery display on these strategically important spots, and the payoff is huge.  Your home looks renewed and refreshed. This summer, I’m using three simple decorating tools to trick up my side tables….  (more…)

We have been mad about monograms for years at Nell Hill’s, but this spring, we’re taking these lovely letters to new heights. If you want to add a little something extra, a touch of class, a small detail that makes your rooms so personal and unique, add some monograms. Here are four spots to put your mark:  (more…)

You don’t always have to shout to make a statement. Sometimes a whisper is the most powerful way to grab someone’s attention. The same holds true in the decorating world. Need proof? Look no further than the unassuming sisters white and cream. Whether they are the backdrop of a room or the main stage stars, these tones are anything but timid. And, they can be key to bringing your home décor to the next level. Here are four places you can add a spot of cream or a splash of white to arrest attention in your home:  (more…)

Ready to celebrate spring in your home? Make your fireplace mantel an ode to this season of new life. Here are four spring mantel treatments our designers crafted at Nell Hill’s to inspire you.  (more…)

It’s time to crawl out of that cozy cocoon of your winter bed and hit the “reset” button, lightening up your bedding for spring. I asked Rita, who is a wiz at creating to-die-for bedding at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff, to tell us how. Here are her three suggestions for getting your bed ready for spring and summer snoozing:  (more…)

Light and breezy, super easy: it’s a good motto when it comes to setting a stunning table for a spring soiree. The spring tablescapes that lift my heart are filled with intriguing layers and a beguiling combination of colors, yet feel airy and fresh. Here are five insider tips on how to achieve this delicate balance:  (more…)

Life is just more fun when you are treated to happy surprises, like an unexpected bouquet of flowers, a call from a long lost friend or an afternoon off on the first beautiful day of spring. I think our homes need some joyful surprises too, little touches here and there that make us pause and smile. The color turquoise is the perfect pick to give your home – and life – some verve. Here are a few ways to splash up your décor with turquoise:  (more…)