Hors d’oeuvres, anyone? Whether it’s a casual TGIF with best friends or a formal holiday gathering of work associates, having folks over for appetizers and drinks is a lot easier than hosting a full blown dinner party, and it’s just as much fun. My secret to party success?  Keep the food simple, but make the display sensational. You’ll wow your guests and save yourself lots of time and stress.

It’s easy to design a gorgeous appetizer display if you have the right tools and know a few tricks of the trade. To show you how, Marsee and Donna, two crazy talented members of the Nell Hill’s visual display team, designed this sensational appetizer buffet to show you how. Here is what you’ll need to recreate the look: (more…)

Dan and I don’t fight over who is the head of the household. That power position is undisputedly held by Lyric, our golden retriever. We inherited this sweet pooch from some dear friends, and within minutes, she had stolen our hearts … and taken over our home. After a few dog-free years, piles of hair and muddy footprints are once again a part of my life.  I’ve gotten pretty good at not only decorating around a dog, but also celebrating our canine companion in our décor. Here’s how you can, too:  (more…)

At Nell Hill’s I love to help customers create the Pinterest-perfect rooms of their dreams, turning a board full of ideas into livable spaces that reflect their unique style. Usually, the magic begins in our fabric room, where we discover their crush: the colors and patterns that make their hearts thump. Armed with a few key inspiration fabrics, layer upon layer, we bring the room to life. One of my favorite palettes to start with when building a beautiful room is black and cream. There are a million ways you can take this timeless twosome. Here are 4 of my favorites:  (more…)


Like you all, I love to keep up with the top designers and see what inventive new things they are doing in interior design. So the other day, when I happened upon a room that designer Miles Redd had completely washed in teal, I nearly swooned. It was so beautiful and dramatic, I couldn’t get enough of it. That moment, teal became my heartthrob and I got busy designing a gallery at Nell Hill’s that showcased my newest color crush.  (more…)


Your front door is a decorating bull’s eye that snags the attention of everyone who passes by your home every day. Wow them this fall with one of these five simple but stunning front door treatments we created to inspire you:  (more…)

For those of us who live in climates where it gets beastly hot in August, September, with its cooler breezes, in an engraved invitation to venture out of the air conditioning and start enjoying your back porch again. It’s time to turn this private outdoor space into an oasis for fall. Here’s how:



On a chilly fall or winter night, my favorite thing to do after a long day at work is soak in a hot bath then burrow into a cozy, soft, warm bed. I’m out like a light! Since we spend so many hours of our lives ensconced in our beds, especially when the days are shorter, make sure your bedding is irresistible. At Nell Hill’s we like to create bedding ensembles that are a delight to the senses, so soft, warm and beautiful you’ll never want to get up. Here are 7 stunning looks we created just to inspire you as you design your own dreamy bedding:  (more…)


One of the best places in your home to showcase the bounty and beauty of autumn is on your dining table. I think of this wide open plane as a ready-made stage just waiting for a show-stopping presentation that celebrates the colors, textures and iconic images of fall. We had a blast at Nell Hill’s creating four different fall tables to inspire you:  (more…)

My favorite season of the year is just weeks away: Fall! I start pulling out my fall décor when it’s still beastly hot in Kansas because I just can’t wait to fill my home with all the colors, textures and aromas of autumn. If you want to celebrate this glorious season in your home décor as well, the perfect place to start is your fireplace mantel, one of the most visible spots in your home. Here are three beautiful looks we created at Nell Hill’s to inspire you.  (more…)

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Rich, regal and oh-so-luxurious, gold is back with a vengeance in the world of home décor. I am thrilled, because my love light never dimmed for this precious metal and its ability to warm up a room and imbue it with style. Depending upon your passion for gold, you can go high lux and use it to wash a room. Or you can add just a glint here and there to thread in a tiny touch of luster. Here are the top 5 ways we’re decorating with gold right now at Nell Hill’s:  (more…)