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After a long day at work, my bedroom is my retreat. I snuggle up in bed and lose myself in a good book or the latest decorating magazine. The key to turning your bedroom into an oasis that fills you up is to start with a dreamy bed. Too often, when we decorate we spend all our time and budget making the more public spaces in our home lovely, but then short change ourselves when it comes to decorating our own bedrooms. But I’ve found that waking up in a beautiful bed is the ideal way to start, and end, your day. Here, the Nell Hill’s team will show you the four steps we always follow when we make our dream beds:  (more…)


When Dan and I downsized and moved into our little home by the lake, we had to rethink how we use so many of our spaces, the biggest one being our kitchen and dining areas ….



The night I got home from High Point Market, where I spent three days on a buying trip for Nell Hill’s, I was so jazzed up by all the creativity I saw, I couldn’t sleep. At all. Despite being bone-weary exhausted from spending all day –dawn to dusk – rushing from showroom to showroom, scouting for fabulous new pieces for Nell Hill’s.

In fact, Cyreesa, one of my lifelong friends and longtime work associates at Nell Hill’s, and I didn’t sleep the entire time we were at High Point, the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, because everything we saw was that good, that exciting. I finally had to pry myself away and get on that plane before I got in trouble with Dan for spending too much money.  (Here’s a snapshot of one of the rare minutes we even sat down … I can’t believe Cyreesa is still speaking to me!)

I wanted to share some of the new trends, colors and styles that bowled me over, and give you a sneak peak of the wonderful new merchandise that will begin arriving at Nell Hill’s in four to six weeks:  (more…)

I cannot put a flower bouquet together to save my life. I’ve tried. Over and over again. Every time, the vase full of blooms looks like a Pinterest fail.  But I love to use fresh flowers in my decorating. So through the years, I’ve learned a few tricks for pulling together pretty floral arrangements that are so foolproof, even I can’t mess them up.  Then, when I want a bouquet that’s gorgeous, I call on Bev, our seasonal designer at Nell Hill’s, who is like the Flower Whisperer – everything she touches is a masterpiece. Together, we’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks for creating pretty floral arrangements:  (more…)


When Dan and I entertain, we each have our assigned roles: He spends hours in the kitchen crafting our cuisine. And I’m out in the dining room, dreaming up an intriguing tablescape. Armed with dishes, table linens and seasonal accents, I play around until lightning strikes and I find a look that lights up my heart.

Love tabletops too? Then you can’t miss the Nell Hill’s Spring Tabletop Event on May 1 and 2. This is one of my absolute favorite events of the year. Both Nell Hill’s stores will be filled with drop-dead-gorgeous tablescapes to inspire you to make magic on your own table. Our designers will help you use your own plates and linens, or new dishes and accents from our stores, to create a table that will make your heart go thump-thump-thump. Until then, experiment with these 7 tips we use at Nell Hill’s to create our stunning tables …  (more…)

Parents of young children often ask me if it’s possible to have a beautifully decorated home and to have children at the same time. The answer is a resounding YES!  Here are the 2 steps I follow when designing spaces that are both kid-friendly and lovely to look at:  (more…)

Our homes should fill us up, and give us the strength and courage to do the big, important – and sometimes difficult – things in our lives. That’s why I am thrilled to share that Nell Hill’s is joining with a fantastic team of talented designers to redecorate Friendship House, a transitional shelter home for women and their children who have taken the brave step toward conquering substance addiction and starting a healthy new life.

We had a blast decorating the living room and dining room of this gorgeous historic Hyde Park home, and I can’t wait for you to see what we and the other design teams created for the residents of Friendship House during the ReImagine: Friendship House Tour on April 17-19. I want to invite all of you to join us for the tour to benefit the important work of ReDiscover, which provides residential and outpatient services for women recovering from alcohol and substance use disorders. To whet your appetite, here’s a peek at the before and after of the rooms Nell Hill’s got to redesign:  (more…)

I recently asked my Facebook friends to tell me what they’d like me to blog about, and one decorating dilemma that came up over and again was: “Where do I start when I’m designing a room?” Some were moving into brand new houses and had a big (and intimidating) blank slate. Others wanted to redecorate an existing room. I love this question because at Nell Hill’s we have a blast helping customers create spaces that reflect their style, celebrate their personalities and flow with their daily lives. So, how do you build a beautiful room? Here are my three steps:  (more…)

I am a fabric junkie, and the longer I’m in interior design, the more my addiction to gorgeous textiles grows. As I design spaces for my home and those of friends and customers, I’m always blown away by the power a few yards of fabric has to take a room to new heights, to make it a truly unique expression of the homeowner’s personality.

That’s why I’m throwing a Spring Fabric Event at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff on April 3 & 4 (I hope you’ll join us!). And why our growing selection of fabric-by-the-yard has slowly taken over more and more rooms at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff. We have so many great textiles in such a wide variety of looks and prices that people drive for miles to shop for fabric at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to use fabric to transform your home’s style:  (more…)

When most of us are designing the spaces in our home, we have a wonderful vision of what we want our rooms to look like. But, alas, we also have budgets. I’ve learned from decorating my own home that you can get the high-style look you’re dreaming of without going over budget. Here’s my trick:  (more…)