I just had the experience of a lifetime. I went to Haiti with my friends who started the Global Orphan Project and left completely exhilarated, excited to support this remarkable organization and the beautiful orphaned and abandoned children it serves.  My first step? The Nell Hill’s Christmas Stockings, custom designed by Nell Hill’s, made in Haiti, benefiting the children cared for by The GO Project.  I’ll tell you more about these gorgeous stockings in a minute. First, I want to share about the Haitian orphans who stole my heart. 

Falling in love in Haiti

As I listened to my friends Beth and Mike Fox talk about The GO Project, the ministry they founded to care for orphaned and abandoned kids around the world, I was transfixed. Nell Hill’s is committed to caring for fragile members of our community, so I asked the Foxes how we could support their work.  They told us the first step was to visit Haiti and see firsthand what The GO Project was doing there.  Let me tell you, I was blown away.

Our trip included a tour of a GO Exchange Sewing Center, where we visited with Haitian women who were working on projects like sewing uniforms for Haitian kids so they could attend school. They also create products that are sold through The GO Exchange, an online marketplace where profits are used to provide orphans around the world with an education and a loving home.

The Sewing Centers hire moms so they can earn a living wage to support their families. They also provide jobs for young women who have “aged out” of the program so they can develop marketable job skills. I learned that The GO Project sets up poultry farms and other sustainable enterprises in Haiti that provide good jobs at good wages, stimulating the local economy as they move families out of poverty. This wasn’t a hand out. It was an opportunity for men and women to not only change their own lives, but their entire community.

Next, we spent an afternoon at one of the orphan homes, playing with the kids. I fell in love, over and over again. The girls did my hair. We cuddled.  We played games. These precious kids were so hungry for love, for connection. I can’t express how they filled my heart and how uplifting the entire experience was for me.

I can’t solve all the complex problems in Haiti. But Nell Hill’s can help provide a better life for the people served by The GO Project and The GO Exchange. Then these folks can help their neighbors. And so on. Creating a ripple effect that will bring about positive long-term change.


Nell Hill’s Christmas Stockings benefit The GO Project and The GO Exchange

The Nell Hill’s Christmas Stockings is our first tiny nugget of involvement in what I hope will be a more expansive, long-term relationship with the Haitian people served through The GO Project and  The GO Exchange.

Our creative Nell Hill’s team designed a custom line of Christmas stockings using our favorite Nell Hill’s fabrics and trims. Each stocking is handcrafted at The GO Exchange Sewing Center in Haiti. 

The six unique styles are perfect for holiday decorating and gift giving, and will be available for a limited time only at both Nell Hill’s locations, at the Nell Hill’s Holiday Open House, at the Kansas City Junior League Holiday Mart, and through The GO Exchange, www.thegoexchange.org.  Every penny of the profit from these stockings will benefit children in The GO Project’s care. 

Add the stockings to your holiday décor throughout your home this year. Hang them from your mantel,  from the post of your guestroom bed, from the knob of your dining room hutch, from the latches of your windows.

I’m going to give the stockings as Christmas gifts to friends. (For added fun, personalize them with a monogram or embellish them with pins or ribbons.) They also make ideal shower or wedding gifts for young couples who don’t yet have holiday décor.

Here’s another fun idea: Use the stockings like you would a gift bag or basket, filling them with gift items, like a bottle of wine for a hostess gift.


Now it’s your turn: Make a difference in a Haitian child’s life

1. Buy a stocking … or two. All profits help children in Haiti. The stockings will be available for a limited time at all Nell Hill’s locations and at www.thegoexchange.org.

2. Take part in The GO Exchange. Visit www.thegoexchange.org for clothing, shoes, purses and more made by the craftswomen around the world who benefit from The GO Project. Order online or make it a party by hosting an in-home GO Exchange.

3. Make a donation. Visit www.goproject.org to support this exciting organization that is creating real change around the globe by providing jobs, living wages and care for orphaned and abandoned children.

Next Week … My newest book is here! Come for a preview of Nell Hill’s: Rooms We Love!


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22 Responses to “Celebrate Your Home for the Holidays, Give Hope to Haitian Orphans”

  1. lynne@lynnesgiftsfromtheheart Says:

    Hi Mary Carol, what a great way to help those beautiful children, a worth while project. I ordered your books weeks and weeks ago, cannot wait for it to arrive. Looking forward to your next blog post. fondly lynne

  2. Lisa Fernandez Says:

    I’m blown away that you went to Haiti. Now when I talk about you I will include the incredible giving person that you are. Not that there was any doubt in my mind. I will order a stocking today. More reason to love you more! Hee hee
    And how pretty are the photos of you and the children. God bless you
    PS. Can’t wait to get my book in the mail.

  3. Betty Dillman Says:

    While it is a worthwhile project, I do not like the shape of the stocking.

  4. Theresa Murphy Hogarth Says:

    Oh Mary Carol what a personal moving experience. I’ve never been to Haiti but have been to a few orphanages in Africa. It changes you. There is so much love within so much poverty. The love these women put into these stockings is worth every penny! Yes I will order one!

  5. Chris Turpin Says:

    Hi Nell,

    I wish you well in your project to help these children. I noticed in the top picutre in your blog that the little girl was wearing a ‘pillow case’ dress. I have been part of a project here in West Lafayette, IN. That makes those dresses and sends them to orphanages. We have made and sent thousands. I have a couple hundred ready to make this fall and winter when the garden and yard work are done. Our goal in the end was to send sewing machines and fabric to help the people learn to sew….ultimately a hand up, not a hand out. I sent my Mom’s sewing machine after she died, plus lots of fabric donated from sewing friends.

    I have been to your lovely shop many times over the years as my husband grew up in Troy, KS. We have been in Indiana for 42 years where he is a professor at Purdue.

    Love, hugs and blessings…..Chris Turpin

  6. Claudine Says:

    Amazing post. That is what Christmas and giving is all about.

  7. Mary Carol Says:

    I have to tell you all, the joy has been all mine, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn about The GO Project and support their amazing work. Thanks for joining me!

  8. Babs Stilley Says:

    What a great idea Mary Carol! Everybody is a winner with a project like this and what a perfect time to share the Christmas spirit!

  9. Janet Doherty Says:

    Oh Mary Carol
    That just melted my heart! I am happy that you are involved and that you can make a difference and offer those children a caring lap to cuddle in!
    Looking forward to helping the cause!!!!!

  10. Carol Says:

    Nell Hill Christmas stockings, what a beautiful way to support these precious children. I would like to order several. What are the measurements? Just trying to get a visual for which design I want to use in my home, and others for gifts. Thank you.

  11. Judy @ In His Grip Says:

    I was so excited to see the stocking flyer in your store a couple of weeks ago. I went to Haiti with the Go Project back in 2010 and have been in love with this organization and the people they serve ever since. Last Christmas, the every first year of Go Exchange, I bought Go Jammies for our whole family. It has been so fun to see how blessed Go Project and the Fox’s have been since beginning this mission.

  12. Heather V Says:

    Mary Carol,
    Thank you for setting a great example for us. You are an inspiration to all of us. You stand strong as a pillar in our community.

  13. Mark Dierking Says:

    My gosh Mary Carol. Am so proud of what you’re doing……but not half as proud as I’m sure your folks are. You know ol’ George was right there with you in Haiti. Thanks for being my friend. You are inspiring. Your bud….Mark

  14. Patti Collins Says:

    Love this! We will be in to purchase new stockings for our home.

  15. Ramon Valdez Says:

    What a great opportunity for all of us Nell Hill’s fans to support this great organization, as a child who grew poor in Mexico I can tell you I remember when all of those churches from the USA would come visit us and would bring us little things like tooth paste, tooth brushes and little toys, they would help build houses and churches in our community, that’s why this cause is so dear to my hear, so let’s put our money where our heart is and let’s get our Nell Hill’s Christmas stockings to support the great cause.
    I can not tell you how many times I wish I knew this people so I can say THANK YOU again, you never know when and how you might touch a child’s life.


  16. Julie Swain Says:

    I’m so touched by your sharing, Mary Carol! Thank you for lending your name and your heart to such an amazing project. With so much negativity in the news, I always love hearing that there are good people doing good things. Best wishes!

  17. Bobbie Pullen Says:

    Mary Carol, you are such a wonderful blessing to many people. I am delighted to learn about the Go Project. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Robin Frank -- Vision Interiors Says:

    A DITTO to all that has been said ……. With all the glum in the news …… This storie filled my heart …. Come on girls … Let’s buy those stockings !!!!!!

  19. Rosemarie Clair Says:

    Very proud of you Mary…1. For your heart, and getting involved. 2. For giving us this beautiful opportunity.

    Mike is coming to our church, Tiffany Fellowship Church, for our Missions Convention and sharing what is happening in this outreach. I was already excited and seeing your photos – I already said to my husband, “how many stockings can we get?” ha! They are beautiful! May God bless you much.

  20. Mary Carol Says:

    Hi Everyone! I knew you guys would be as excited about the work of the Global Orphan Project as I am. If you live far away and can’t make it Nell Hill’s for stockings, or don’t want a stocking, but want to support this amazing group, check out the GO Exchange – they have fabulous products you can get that all support the same cause — orphaned and abandoned kids served by the GO Project. Just go to thegoexchange.org, and you’ll see snuggly jammies, really beautiful shoes — all kinds of great stuff — made by folks who want to transform their own lives and their own communities, benefiting the most vulnerable people on our planet: orphaned and impoverished kids.

  21. Susan Says:

    I saw the beautiful silvery gray damask stocking in the “My Favorite Object” section of the KC Spaces magazine. I loved what you are doing here. I tore the page out and posted about this project and your stockings on my FB page. Congrats for doing something like this. I really hope it makes a difference!

  22. Everyone Will Want to be at the Kids’ Table! Says:

    [...] Let’s face it: If Santa really only gave gifts to kids who were always nice, no one on Planet Earth would get a thing (certainly not me as a kid – I was ornery!). So we went ahead and spoiled all the kiddos at our holiday party with their very own stocking stuffed full of goodies. These stockings were specially designed by Nell Hill’s to benefit The Global Orphan Project. The collection of six different stocking designs is available for a limited time only at Nell Hill’s and through The Global Orphan Project Exchange. Every penny of profit from the sale of the stockings helps Haitian kids who are orphaned or abandoned. Want to learn more about why Nell Hill’s is supporting this amazing cause? See my blog. [...]

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