In the summer, I like my bed lightly dressed. But when the weather cools off, I love a bed that’s layered in rich colors, fetching patterns and gobs of touchable textures. The Queens of the Bedroom at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff have outdone themselves this season, creating irresistible bedding ensembles that celebrate the year’s hottest color combinations, brought to life through timeless yet freshly interpreted patterns. Come see!

Black and White and Chic All Over

This bed creates a DMZ in the battle of the sexes. The strong yet simple color palette of black and white appeals to the guys, as does the combination of traditional menswear fabrics, like the bold plaid and hound’s tooth check.

Yet, we made this sharp looking bed female friendly by including a paisley that’s so romantic, it grabs a girl’s heart, as do the kitten-soft gray velvet pillows.

Pea Green with Envy

Earthy yet luxurious, this bedding ensemble mixes different shades of green with wild abandon. If you are a big fan of green, don’t fall for the old myth that you have to pick just one tone and stay with it in your décor. Mother Nature tosses all manner of greens together, and so can you.

I really like to weave classic and contemporary fabrics together in custom bedding ensembles because it grounds the group with timeless favorites yet gives it a fresh new feel.

Isn’t this dust ruffle to die for? It’s soft and romantic and the perfect finish for this delightful bed.

Plumb Perfect Purple

Color trends in interior design always follow closely behind those in the world of fashion. So it’s no surprise that purple is coming on strong this season. We’ve crafted an invigorating blend of colors and patterns that shows off a sublime palette of plumb and blue.

Using some ready-made bedding, like the purple quilt and shams shown on this bed, allows you to stretch your decorating dollar farther, so you will have enough left in your budget to invest in a few show-stealing pieces, like luxury sheets, reversible duvets or custom pillows finished with unique details.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

This bed features a feather soft color palette of winter blue and soft brown, but thanks to the bold patterns, it’s anything but boring.

The traditional French toile, hound’s tooth check and ticking stripe are hurtled into the 21st century thanks to the addition of this peppy geometric pattern.

We layered two reversible custom duvets on this snugly bed. With a flip of the blankets, you can get several different looks so you won’t ever get tired of this ensemble.

Marigold and Gray Greet the Day

This contemporary bed celebrates one of today’s most popular color combos: marigold and gray. We went with a toned down interpretation of this duo, as easy on the eye as a field covered in fresh snow. But you could go with bright yellow and deep gray and get a completely different effect.

We blended two complimentary graphic patterns in the pillows then shook it up a bit by tucking in a very traditional monogrammed pillow to finish off the look.

Autumn Bliss

This bedding ensembles pulls in autumn’s most riotous colors, like rust, brown and amber. The blend of plaid and floral fabrics makes it a good compromise for him and her. Do you like how we arranged the pillows on this bed, stacking one on top of another instead of layered out? I frequently arrange the pillows on my own bed this way, sandwiching my sleeping pillow between the two shams.

A Study in Blue and Brown

This ensemble’s muted fall and winter color palette of brown and blue allowed us to get funky with the fabric. We pulled together a crazy assortment of patterns: an animal print, a chain, a herringbone, a floral and a solid.

If you have a limited budget to spend on bedding, save money by using some ready-made pieces. Then invest in a few killer custom accent pillows, like this one. The detailing on this pillow, like the knife pleat trim and covered buttons, makes this little guy the star of the show.

Royal Chambers

Ever want to be queen for the day? Create a bedding ensemble like this one, and you’ll feel like royalty every single day. We pulled together the richest colors of the season—deep red, black, camel and cream—and brought them to life through patterns so bold they demand your respect.

Once again, we had fun weaving together the traditional and the contemporary in this set of custom pillows. The combination of the traditional toile, animal print, plaid and damask print in these irrepressibly bold colors really works.

These two duvets work harmoniously together thanks to the separation we get from this black quilt folded up and tucked between them.

Coral and Black

Contemporary yet romantic, this bed interprets this season’s hot coral hue in a brand new way, giving it more lush layers for the cold winter months.

Mixing the bold contemporary patterns with a simple, unassuming ticking ensures the overall ensemble will have some punch but not be overwhelming.

Cozy Cabin

Celebrate the season by dressing your winter bed in a charming assortment of country textiles. We repeated the well-loved colors of red, white and blue, but did so through a host of dissimilar fabrics and patterns – contemporary dots, simple plaids, a horse blanket stripe. The cuddle-up quilt at the foot of the bed almost begs you to take a nap after spending your afternoon frolicking in the snow. During the Christmas season, finish your pillow presentation with a seasonal pillow. Then, after Dec. 25, take the top pillow off and enjoy this winter ensemble until the ice starts to melt in the spring.

Next Week … November marks the 30th birthday of Nell Hill’s. (Where did the time go???) I’ve learned a lot about decorating, retailing and life in the three decades I’ve had the privilege of running this remarkable store. I’ll share some insights next week.

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17 Responses to “Cuddle Up With Today’s Hottest Winter Textiles”

  1. Lisa Fernandez Says:

    Wonderful post. Each bed looks more beautiful and comfortable than the next. I want to crawl into all of them! Lovely! Mary Carol, Lovely!

  2. Cynthia Black Says:

    I’m struggling to find the right bedding to coordinate with a gorgeous but demanding Italian rug in a guest room. (There’s nowhere else in the house to use the rug.) Can I email a photo of the rug so someone to get some ideas and/or solutions? Thank you!

  3. Sydney Hosking Says:

    Love all of them! Once I pick my fabric will you (or have someone) make a queen duvet for me? What is the cost? Thank you!

  4. JoAnn Says:

    ‘Glad to see you’re continuing to use lots of pillows! Someone on a tv show , recently, was saying to reduce the numbers. I didn’t jump in and do that, but am happy to see we are “on the same page.”

  5. Lynn Storms Says:

    I am searching for a king sized upholstered headboard….do you carry these at the Briarcliff store?

  6. pat pennington Says:

    I have loved paisley print since I was fifteen. At sixty-six still in love. Thanks for the beautiful bedding. Don’t hesitate gilrls, worth every penny.
    Laugh every day, even at yourself.

  7. Mary Ellen Maender Says:

    Seriously would like to know the cost of a king duvet made up and approx. how long it would take. I will be at the Briarcliff store early Nov. I love reading your weekly decorating blog, and can’t wait to come to K.C. again and visit your store.

  8. Dolores Wright-Holton Says:

    Loved the bed selections–do you have any of these things at
    your Atchison store—I will be stopping thru in Nov. on my way
    to dentist in Leavenworth!! D. Wright

  9. Mary Carol Says:

    Cynthia–Would love to help out with your dilemma. Just e-mail your picture to and we can hopefully make some suggestions for you

  10. Mary Carol Says:

    Sydney—Our average cost (with average priced fabric and labor) for a queen custom duvet runs around $450.00. Price is dependent on fabric selection. Please call 877-746-4320 for all your fabric and bedding needs.

  11. Mary Carol Says:

    Lynn–We are able to ‘special order’ upholstered head boards, and select your own fabric at the Briarcliff store. Come see us, we have many fabrics to choose from..

  12. Mary Carol Says:

    Mary Ellen—Our average cost (with average priced fabric and labor) for a King custom duvet runs around $5-$600.00. Price is dependent on fabric selection and it takes approx. 4 weeks to have made. Please call 877-746-4320 for all your fabric and bedding needs.

  13. Mary Carol Says:

    The bedding Delores is very limited (some quilts and things) at our Atchison store–hugh bedding selection at Briarcliff/Kansas City.

  14. Shawn Henning Says:

    I just visited the store in Briarcliff a couple of weeks ago and purchased a toile duvet and shams as well as other coordinating accessories. I absolutely love how everything looks in my master bedroom! I visit every time I travel to KC from Wichita!

  15. Kathy Says:

    What lovely photos of all the bedding possibilities…so enjoyed seeing these combinations! Still on my “wish list” is a trip to your stores in Kansas and Missouri from home here in Pennsylvania! It would be a wonderful inspiration for me.

  16. Nancy Hack Says:

    Mary Carol…..If I were to come in next spring and want to order the bedding ensemble shown – the one with the black and cream plaid in the second and third picture of this blog – what fabrics would I request? Will they be discontinued by the time I make it back there? Thanks for your help.

  17. Lou Little Says:

    Really interested in the Royal Chambers bedding ensemble. Is their an online store I can order from?

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