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If you’re like me, your bed is one of your favorite places in the world, and when you peel yourself out of bed in the morning, you may already be dreaming about crawling back in that evening. Yet, as much as we love this comfy place, we usually overlook our beds when it comes to decorating, tolerating worn and faded linens that are well past their prime. This summer, why not treat your bed to a makeover?

Today’s summer bedding is so yummy, you may never get out of bed again. I asked the Nell Hill’s team to pull together three sensational summer looks to inspire you. Come see! Romance in Blue

This wonderful bedding ensemble is as whisper soft as a summer dream. Inspired by this lovely blue and cream duvet, it folds together shades of light blue, white and cream.

The back row of pillows, two plump Euro shams, sets the tone with its light chambray look. These readymade shams are an inexpensive way to make your bedding more luxurious.

For the second row of pillows, we’ve used two matching blue and white check pillows, which are also readymade. They not only tie in both our colors, they introduce some pattern.

The top shams, in this romantic white-on-white pattern, make the display restful and serene. The fabric is also repeated in the duvet folded at the bottom of the bed.

For fun, we finished off our pile of pillows with this plucky accent pillow featuring a fiery red flower. If you wanted to keep the peaceful pace of this bed throughout, you could easily use a neck roll or other smaller accent pillow in a blue or white fabric.

In the summer, there is nothing like sleeping on soft, cool, pure Egyptian cotton sheets. This set is so romantic, with its embroidered trim.

Flower Garden

What is summer without flowers? This wonderful ensemble not only highlights summer’s most romantic flower, the rose, it also weaves in lots of other interesting patterns in unusual color-ways.

Thanks to a custom duvet, which features a summer-themed fabric on one side and a winter- themed fabric on the other, this bed will look great during all four seasons. Just flip it over when the weather starts to cool down and your bed looks completely different.

At Nell Hill’s, we’re known for our fluffy, luxurious, sink-into-soft beds. This one is no exception with two white quilts folded at the foot of the bed. Each one is made out of a different fabric, but the tone-on-tone pattern is repeated in both.

Get a load of all the different patterns in this arresting pillow display! Each layer of pillows is unique and adds punch to the overall look. But, they also harmonize perfectly because they repeat the same three colors: sage, rust and cream. I think the addition of the animal print in sage green is especially cleaver.

When you design a bed, make sure that at least one set of pillows is two sided, with one side suited for the warm weather months and the other for the cool. In this ensemble, it’s the back row of shams, which feature the same plaid used in the trim on the duvet.

Summer Sun

This colorful bedding ensemble features some of this season’s most popular colors: marigold yellow, coral and green. The inspiration for this grouping comes from this custom duvet, made from a peppy botanical that makes me smile every time I look at it.

We want this summer-loving bed to go all four seasons, so at the bottom, under the yellow quilt, is another duvet in decidedly fall/winter fabrics featuring our same color palette. When the season changes, just switch the duvets, and you’ve got an entirely new bed.

If you’re on a budget, group some unique readymade shams to give your ensemble more of a custom feel, like the Nell Hill’s team did on this bed.

Like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, this enthusiastic sunflower pillow is the perfect finish for this happy bed.

Next Week … Not too long ago, we didn’t have a choice when it came to picking dining chairs because they came in matching sets. Now we have total freedom to mix it up. Next week, I’ll share some tips for picking dining chairs that add their own flair to your dining room.

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20 Responses to “Dreamy Summer Bedding”

  1. Yvonne @ StoneGable Says:

    Changing bedding with the seasons is such a heavenly luxury! I love to change up bedding! The mix of colors, textures and fabrics in all three beds becons me to dive in!

  2. Gloria Says:

    I just updated my bed and blogged about it! Love all the advice, I wish I had ten bedding ensembles in the closet for when the mood strikes.

  3. Diane Burkert Says:

    Loved them all! Now where do I buy it all? Are the bedding ensembles available in your stores? I am excited to jazz up our bedrooms!!

  4. Terri Says:

    I love the bedskirt and have been looking for one like that do you carry them in your store?

  5. Glenna Batchelder Says:

    Wow!!! The summer sun bedding is too cool!!!! My favorite, whoever designed that grouping won my heart!!! Also love the red flower pillow to brighten up my sofa for summer!

  6. Leslie Reeves Says:

    I loved the monogram shams do you sell these and if so how much and what colors? Thanks, I loved everything! Y’all are the BEST!!!

  7. Nancy K. West Says:

    OHHHHH! I love everyone of these pictures about bedrooms.I am about to do a total re-do of my mast bedroom, bath, and closet. I am taking my time making my decisions so I make the most of my budget……but I want to be able to have different looks for different seasons. I have a lovely custom duvet, I still like the color (red floral), but I am just tired of it. I have had it for 10 years. I live in Texas, so I won’t be able to visit your store or get a consult anytime soon. I absolutely love seeing your ideas and tips. Do you have a way of advising someone like myself who is starting a makeover, and maybe the most economical way to start?

  8. Carolyn Says:

    I have a dusty blue and cream toile bird pattern in my bedroom and have been searching for a blue check fabric just like the pillows shown here. Hopefully, you carry it in your store and I can get there soon to complete the look I already have and love. Kansas City, here I come!!!

  9. Peg owens Says:

    Love euro shams but don’t know how to place them on a king size bed. There just seems like too much space to cover with two. Use three?

  10. Mary Carol Says:

    Terri–Yes, we do carry that particular bedskirt at the Briarcliff store–877-746-4320. You can do a similar custom design also.

  11. Mary Carol Says:

    Leslie–Our monogram pillows are all custom, and of course the price all depends on the fabric you choose, the number of letters and the size of the letter. Call 877-746-4320 for more details.

  12. Mary Carol Says:

    Nancy–You are so welcome to send some pictures our way and one of my staff would be happy to help you out. Call 877-746-4320 for more details.

  13. Mary Carol Says:

    Carolyn—Feel free to call the store @ 877-746-4320 and ask for ‘Fabrics’. They would be happy to send you a swatch of the fabric you are interested in.

  14. Karen Says:

    Do you sell the Egyptian cotton sheets?

  15. grace1 Says:

    Love the sunflower pillow…how much is it? I need it!

  16. Lisa Says:

    Love, love the wonderful summertime ideas! I love making my beds comfy and warm, but sometimes struggle with knowing how to “decorate” them well. Thanks for the tips.

  17. debbie Says:

    How much is a king size white bedskirt like shown?

  18. Dylan Sargis Says:

    Don’t you find too many pillows a bit of a nuisance. Sure, it looks inviting, but you end up tossing them on the floor each night.

  19. Karen Says:

    Hi, do you sell the bedsheets? I love them so much! How much is it if you are selling?


  20. Brooke Alpert Says:

    Looking for the blue & white gingham shams ,bed skirt …do you have these for sale?
    Hopeful romance in blue makeover !

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