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If you have kids in your home, from toddlers to teenagers, I have fabulous news for you: You don’t have to wait until they leave home to infuse your home with high style. There are lots of kid-friendly ways to make your home beautiful, despite the wear and tear that a family can bring. I [...]

  I have a color-outside-the-lines personality. Maybe that’s why I really enjoy being a decorating myth-buster, debunking long-held design edicts that can stifle our creativity as we make our interior spaces lovely and livable. Here’s a misconception I want to shatter: Big cabinets don’t work in small spaces. False! Big cabinets work in every sized [...]

  We really enjoy helping Nell Hill’s customers design sensational spaces that fit their dreams and their budgets. I’m a firm believer that great design doesn’t have to be expensive.  As I shared in last week’s blog, the key to getting the most for your decorating dollars is to know where to splurge and where [...]

Isn’t it fun to flip through the pages of decorating magazines and books and dream about how you would decorate your home if money was no object? I’ve got great news for you. Good design doesn’t have to be expensive. You can transform your home into a sanctuary that makes your heart skip a beat [...]