Everywhere you turn at Nell Hill’s right now, you’ll be greeted by color: rich, powerful, saturated palettes that will make you want to dance. As we do every January, we’ve been busy re-envisioning each gallery in both stores, experimenting with a host of new hues, adding in pops through wall paint, vibrant textiles, sizzling [...]

  When I’m not using my dining table for entertaining, I like to keep it decorated with a centerpiece that is eye-catching but understated, something that harmonizes with the season. For January and February, those quiet months nestled between the opulence of holiday decorating and the vibrancy of spring décor, I prefer a centerpiece that [...]


  My favorite part of going to the home furnishings markets is previewing the hottest trends in interior decorating. One of my favorite trend-makers to watch is Holly Blalock, a visionary who has the uncanny ability to mix color, pattern and texture in a way that makes interior design not only accessible, but darn fun. [...]

I’m one of the most disorganized people in the world. I run at such a high speed, my home is in constant chaos. So this January, I’m resolving to change my ways. I’m going to take three key steps to get my year off to a well-organized start. Want to join me?