I’m a junky for change and all the positive energy that comes with new beginnings, so I love to make New Year’s resolutions, especially when they revolve around improving my home décor. Since I am surrounded by a crew of amazingly talented folks at both Nell Hill’s stores, I asked a few members of our [...]


  For my husband, the best day of the year is the day all the holiday decorations come down. It’s not that he’s a Scrooge, it’s just that when you’re married to a retailer, your Christmas season begins in July, so who can blame the guy for being tired of tinsel and trim by the [...]


  On New Year’s Eve, the stroke of midnight will find me … in bed, fast asleep. (Sorry to be so boring, but after working a gazillion hours during the holiday season, by the time we close the doors of Nell Hill’s on New Year’s Eve, I’m ready to crash!) But if I had the [...]

I get a kick out of helping my mom decorate her home for Christmas, because when we open up the musty boxes of 1950s ornaments, I get to relive my childhood, one felted, flocked or sequin-covered ornament at a time. Pay tribute to holidays past this season by sprinkling in some iconic décor from your [...]

  I’m a huge fan of using items from my garden, like crumbling statuary or weatherworn planters, in my interior decorating, especially during the holiday season when their rustic beauty provides a provocative contrast to all that glitz and glam. Here are a few garden staples you might want to bring inside, too, to make [...]