When I decorate my home for the holidays, I like to get really creative with my dining room décor. I find it energizing to think up new ways to pay tribute to the season in this special space, where my family and friends gather for Christmas dinner. This year’s display is a [...]


If you want your holiday displays to be stunning and sophisticated, add a little silver. Silver has become my gold standard when I want to craft richly appointed holiday displays, whether it’s a little treatment for a side table or a knock-it-out-of-the-park look for my dining room. Why? Because silver looks perfect with everything! At [...]

Give your home the sophisticated charm of an English manor this holiday season by decking the halls with the equestrian themed holiday décor that is captivating hearts this holiday season. Depending upon your fancy, you can take this timeless look in any direction, from whimsical to classic. Here’s how.

It was so fun over the weekend to welcome the hundreds of guests who toured my home during the Nell Hill’s Holiday Open House. As visitors drank in the lush seasonal decor we wove throughout my home, they wanted to know how we created the spectacular scenes. The secret is simple: Great greens. To build [...]