When I visit friends’ homes, I love to look at their bookcases because what I see captured on these shelves gives me a rare and wonderful glimpse into my hosts’ hearts. The best bookcase displays, in my opinion, are those that tell a bit of their owner’s story.  Here are some tips for using your [...]


Dreaming of a new kitchen, one that looks like it was plucked from the pages of a decorating magazine? Who hasn’t, right? If it’s not in the cards to renovate your kitchen, don’t worry. You can still transform the look of this hard-working heart of the home just by decorating it well. Here are three [...]

You can fill your home with fabulous furnishings and killer accents, but if you don’t finish off with walls of dramatic artwork, the room will never feel finished. Artwork is one of the most powerful forces in decorating because it gives a space heart and soul. Creating drop-dead-gorgeous artwork displays is a lot easier than [...]


It’s time to start the celebration: Winter is giving way to spring! Depending upon where you live, your garden may be coming awake, filled with blooming bulbs and flowering bushes. If not, it won’t be long now. Take time this month to welcome spring by making your home as fresh and pretty as the scenery [...]