If the only time you see your china plates and platters is when they’re filled with food, you’re missing out on a sensational decorating tool. Wash off those gorgeous works of art and use them in your everyday décor. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Dan and I both suffer from a need to be surrounded by nostalgia. Call us sentimental, but we are fascinated by the lives of our very ordinary ancestors, optimistic immigrants and stalwart pioneers who came to Kansas in search of a better life. You’ll find little tributes to our family members, like old photos or [...]


Thanks to technology, many of us log a lot of work hours from home. So a high-functioning home office has become a must. Unfortunately, there’s no natural spot for an office in my old house, so Dan and I had to get creative. Dan’s office is squeezed into a tiny extra room upstairs that barely [...]


When it comes to prioritizing decorating projects, I’m surprised by how many people put their bedroom last on the list because it’s a room no one else sees. I’ve found that when you begin and end your day in a room that’s lovely and comfortable, and that feeds your senses and fills your mental, physical [...]