A towering pine tree decorated to the hilt will always be the king of the Christmas tree forest, in my opinion. But I have to admit that I’ve recently developed a huge crush on the big tree’s little brothers. Little Christmas trees have captured my fancy in a big way because they come in lots [...]


This time of year, I spend a lot of time being Santa’s helper, helping customers come up with the perfect gifts for everyone on their lists. One of the benefits of working at Nell Hill’s is that you can see firsthand what gift items people flip over — those can’t-miss picks that score high on [...]


Are you ready to create some lovely holiday displays this year? Before you pull out the tree ornaments, the sparkly reindeer figurines or the spools of holiday ribbon, first grab the greens. Great greens are the key to success for every holiday display, whether they are simple or over the top. Today’s faux greens are [...]

We host a big group of family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner every year. Dan is the chef in our family and, despite the chaos he creates, dirtying every pan we own and dripping all sorts of sauces down the front of the cabinets, the meal is always sensational. I will stay as far away [...]