One of the things I like best about living in the Midwest is the changing of the seasons. While I truly enjoy each season, I confess that fall is my absolute favorite because of the rich color palette Mother Nature gives us to decorate with this time of year: amber, ruby, chestnut, sage and so [...]

Looking for an easy way to bring a new splash of style to your interior decor? Sounds like it’s time for a light-bulb moment! Add a sensational lamp. You’ll be amazed by how replacing an out-of-style or weather-worn lamp with one that reflects today’s clean lines and bold look will electrify a room. Here are [...]


Very few of us like to completely remake our home’s interior on a regular basis. But I’d venture a guess that most of us like to give it a tweak every few months. One of the things I enjoy doing most on my days off is playing with the displays in my home. I frequently [...]


I love romantic candlelight. And the older I get, the more firmly I believe that everything – and everyone – looks better in its soft, forgiving glow. And while you’ll find lots of displays in my home that feature candles, from elegant tapers on my dining room table to tiny tea lights on my kitchen [...]

No matter how crazy our schedules get, several nights a week Dan and I try to enjoy a family meal at home. We invite my mom over, and Dan cooks up something wonderful. Then the three of us relax around the kitchen table, catching up on each others’ lives. I think some of my fondest [...]