For most of us, our kitchen is the heart of our home, and some of our best memories are made when it’s filled with family and friends. If you have an island in your kitchen, chances are this is the hub around which all the love and laughter is shared. Since your kitchen island is [...]

At Nell Hill’s we love to help customers create a beautiful living environment that reflects their unique personalities. What better way to personalize a space than with your monogram? Monograms are more popular than ever because they look absolutely sensational in every style of home and in just about every spot. Here are some tips [...]


I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but as a decorating enthusiast, it’s particularly hard for me to not judge a home by its exterior. That’s where you create your first impression and let people know what they can expect inside. Is your home’s exterior creating the impression you’d like? If not, [...]


I love beautiful gardens, but the sad truth is, I don’t have a gardening bone in my body. Thankfully my dear friends Gloria and Lynda, Master Gardeners extraordinaire, took pity on me several years ago and adopted my poor, neglected courtyard, turning my little plot of dirt into a paradise. Watching them at work, even [...]