All we can talk about at Nell Hill’s right now is color, color, color. And one of the hottest hues is wonderful, sunny yellow. From edgy citron to happy marigold to whisper soft pale yellow, the designers are showing yellow in a big way this season. If you’d like to add just a drop of [...]


Whether they are proudly flanking a sofa or tucked up next to a chair in a quiet corner, side tables are a key component of a sensational seating arrangement. I think side tables are loads of fun to select because today you have so much freedom to pick out pieces that will truly inspire a [...]

Not too long ago we didn’t have much choice when it came to selecting chairs for our dining room tables. You simply got the chairs that went with the dining set. Thankfully, the days of the matchy-matchy furniture set are long gone, and at Nell Hill’s, we’re wild about the opportunity to mix it up [...]

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If you’re like me, your bed is one of your favorite places in the world, and when you peel yourself out of bed in the morning, you may already be dreaming about crawling back in that evening. Yet, as much as we love this comfy place, we usually overlook our beds when it comes to [...]


In the winter, your fireplace is the cheeriest spot in your home, with the mantel decked out with a lavish display and the hearth crackling with a fire. But during the warm summer months, it can seem like a dark, dank cave. So when the weather warms up, and fire season is finished, I like [...]