One of my favorite traditions during the holidays is to learn about other people’s holiday traditions. I enjoy hearing about their childhood memories and how they have woven their holiday heritage into their own observances as adults. As I listen to the tales of Christmases past and present, I am always amazed by how many [...]


Do you have a special holiday decoration that holds lots of sentimental value for you? Maybe it’s an ornament you got on a wonderful vacation, a snow globe your kids made in kindergarten, the plate that  holds cookies for Santa or a menorah that has been passed down for generations. Without this iconic piece of [...]


If you’re like me, you absolutely love to shop. But even we shopaholics feel a bit of angst when we stare down our long holiday gift lists. There is so much pressure to pick a perfect, thoughtful gift that you’re tempted to start your shopping marathon at the candy store, where you can draw on [...]

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In the mood to try something new when you decorate your home for the holidays this year? A few years ago, I was too. So I started experimenting with creating wild and majestic floral displays in garden urns and large vases. I was blown away by how powerful these displays are, rivaling even the venerable [...]

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bitten off more than you can chew at Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about that second helping of mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie. I mean spending hours decorating your home and table to create a festive Thanksgiving mood, then cooking up the perfect Norman Rockwell turkey feast for a house [...]