With each new season, I have a blast coming up with a new display for my front door. Depending upon how much time I have to devote to decorating, my concoctions have run the gamut from super simple treatments to those that are elaborate and involved. I’ve hung plates on my door, artwork, lanterns filled [...]


When you live in an old house that’s full of drafts, like I do, you have to get creative if you want to stay warm in the winter. I like to head to bed early, bury myself in blankets and get lost in a good book.
Since we spend almost a third of our lives in [...]


If you’ve ever been stuck at the dreaded “kids’ table” at Thanksgiving or been seated at a rickety card table stuck in to expand the main table, you know how important it is to have a dining room table that can welcome the entire family. After years of stressing over how I was going to [...]


Normally, I do just about everything I can to get out of grocery shopping. Even an empty refrigerator can’t induce me to go to the market—that’s why God invented carry-out, right? But in the fall, I make an exception. I willingly hit the local food market, not to get stuff like milk and bread, but [...]