Every room needs some drama, don’t you think? Something powerful that singlehandedly escalates the space above the ordinary. My pick? A big, beautiful, wooden cabinet. Whether it’s a bookcase that spans the expanse of the wall or a hutch that kisses the ceiling, the visual impact of these large-scale chests is bigger than life and [...]

Where would you score your home’s bathrooms, on a scale of Boring to Beautiful? If your master bath, guest bath or powder room is hovering at the Boring-But-Functional end of the scale, it’s time transform it into a space that is so beautiful, you’ll say yes to that extra cup of coffee just so you [...]

Do you have an emotional response to a particular color? I do, with the color yellow. Yellow makes me think of my mom.  All through my growing up years, Mom had a beautiful yellow bedroom, with soft yellow walls and yellow floral drapes. There is nothing like crawling into your mom’s bed, feeling safe and [...]

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During the dark days of winter, don’t climb the walls – decorate them! There is no better time to evaluate and enliven your artwork displays than right now, when your seasonal decor is at a minimum and you can fully focus on this key component of interior design. Good artwork displays finish a room like [...]

When you love to create home interior spaces that delight your eyes and refresh your senses as much as we all do, you know that a chair is so much more than just a place to sit. It’s an expression of your unique style. In the next few weeks, as the Special Order Upholstered Furniture [...]

Be still my beating heart. A new year, full of fabulous new interior design looks, is upon us. I’ll be hopping a plane in a few days to hit the huge home furnishings market in Atlanta where I will take in the freshest looks in home decor and buy, buy, buy for Nell Hill’s. Before [...]

I do some of my best decorating-related dreaming during the quiet, still days of early January, when the hullabaloo of the holidays is past, the seasonal finery is packed away and my home is back to its most natural state. That’s when I make my decorating New Year’s resolutions, the list of things in my [...]

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I’m mad about plaid. This timeless but trendy pattern plays a big role in my home décor every winter because it’s warm and welcoming and creatively classic without being stogy and stuffy, a perfect part of a winter day, like a hot cup of tea, a warm fire and a dog at your feet. I [...]

This holiday season, you don’t have to live in Downton Abbey to sup in a dining room that’s fit for nobility. When I decorated my dining room for my annual Holiday Open House, I followed seven simple steps to infuse the space with the feel of an English manor house.  

Have you ever been stuck at the kids’ table for a holiday gathering? Normally, it’s the worst seat in the house. A rickety card table set with mismatched dishes, strategically placed a good distance from the main dining table so the adults can enjoy a nice dinner without being interrupted by kid shenanigans. Being the [...]