Every gourmet needs a groupie, someone who will give their culinary masterpieces the adulation they deserve, who will oohh and ahhh their way through each delicious mouthful. My friend Cheryl is my Top Chef, and while we were together in Provence, France, she lovingly prepared for us cuisine so marvelous it would bring tears to [...]

There are several spots in our homes where we “do life”. Our sofas are one of them. This is where we melt in after a long day and read or watch TV (my guilty pleasure is old movies!). It’s where we sit, face to face, with our girlfriends or family to talk about BIG stuff [...]


    Buying a sofa feels a little like getting married – there is so much to consider before you pick the one you want to settle down with, isn’t there? Which one has the arms, leg, seats you’re attracted to? Which one will give you a safe place to land when you’re plum worn [...]

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Every year or so, Dan drags me on vacation. I’m a go-go girl who wants to work just about every hour of every day, so I’m always reluctant to carve out time to get away. But this year I said yes to a trip with Dan, my siblings and some good friends to the Provence [...]

  As the seasons change, I can’t wait to refresh the look of the displays on my coffee table. Through the years, my coffee table bliss has changed. Years ago, when Kelly was really young, I put so much stuff on the coffee table in our study that Kelly and Dan complained they couldn’t see [...]

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After a long day at work, my bedroom is my retreat. I snuggle up in bed and lose myself in a good book or the latest decorating magazine. The key to turning your bedroom into an oasis that fills you up is to start with a dreamy bed. Too often, when we decorate we spend [...]

  When Dan and I downsized and moved into our little home by the lake, we had to rethink how we use so many of our spaces, the biggest one being our kitchen and dining areas ….


The night I got home from High Point Market, where I spent three days on a buying trip for Nell Hill’s, I was so jazzed up by all the creativity I saw, I couldn’t sleep. At all. Despite being bone-weary exhausted from spending all day –dawn to dusk – rushing from showroom to showroom, scouting [...]

I cannot put a flower bouquet together to save my life. I’ve tried. Over and over again. Every time, the vase full of blooms looks like a Pinterest fail.  But I love to use fresh flowers in my decorating. So through the years, I’ve learned a few tricks for pulling together pretty floral arrangements that [...]


When Dan and I entertain, we each have our assigned roles: He spends hours in the kitchen crafting our cuisine. And I’m out in the dining room, dreaming up an intriguing tablescape. Armed with dishes, table linens and seasonal accents, I play around until lightning strikes and I find a look that lights up my [...]