I’m a huge fan of embracing the beauty of each new season in my home’s décor, especially for fall, when there are so many irresistible colors, textures and patterns to choose from. Thankfully, tricking up your home for fall doesn’t have to take lots of time or effort. In fact, you can give your living [...]

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We’ve all had them, those short-term crushes on fun, new accents for our home. Maybe it was a splashy new vase that was perfect on your mantel for a season. Or a print that looked great in your living room, until you redecorated. But then there are a few pieces we fall in love with [...]


There is something so luxurious about turning in early after a long, hard day, giving your weary body and mind a chance to unwind and refresh. Autumn, with its long velvet-dark evenings and crisp light air, is the perfect time of year to spend the evening curled up in bed, lost in a good read [...]

September is the perfect time of year for a long, languid dinner under the stars. The days are still warm, but in the evening, as the sun sinks down, the breeze cools, a hint of the coming of autumn. Please, join us for a quiet candlelight dinner with friends at Innisfree. 


When I begin decorating my house for fall, coming up with an inventive display for my front door is at the top of my list. Front doors are the place where you wave hello to all the people who pass by your home every day and where you give your guests a glimpse of what’s [...]

I get all goosey when I think of fall, with its dazzling display of colors, exhilarating cool days and, of course, fabulous food, from apple pie to turkey dinner. One of my favorite times to entertain is in the fall, maybe because it gives me an excuse to dress my dining table in the beauty [...]


My mother Mary Lou, sage philosopher that she is, used to say, “The only difference between a good dinner party and a bad one is three cocktails!” Thankfully, Mom is a good cook (a gene she did not pass down to me), so no one needed a gin and tonic just to get through her [...]

According to the calendar, we are in the Dog Days of Summer, those sizzling hot weeks when summer gives us her last, and best, punch. But at Nell Hill’s, we’re so crazy about dogs that it’s kind of Dog Days here all year round. Most of us who work at Nell Hill’s have dogs of [...]

August: Dining Out, Lake Style Since our cottage is so snug, Dan and I created several outdoor spaces at Innisfree where we could spend time relaxing or entertaining. 

Have you ever suffered from art-hanging paralysis? Frozen by a nagging fear that if you try to hang your lovely pieces of art, it will look bad, or wrong? You’re not alone. For some reason, many of us are afraid to take hammer and nail in hand and get going on those big, empty walls. [...]