I am a fabric junkie, and the longer I’m in interior design, the more my addiction to gorgeous textiles grows. As I design spaces for my home and those of friends and customers, I’m always blown away by the power a few yards of fabric has to take a room to new heights, to make it a truly unique expression of the homeowner’s personality.

That’s why I’m throwing a Spring Fabric Event at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff on April 3 & 4 (I hope you’ll join us!). And why our growing selection of fabric-by-the-yard has slowly taken over more and more rooms at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff. We have so many great textiles in such a wide variety of looks and prices that people drive for miles to shop for fabric at Nell Hill’s Briarcliff.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to use fabric to transform your home’s style:  (more…)

When most of us are designing the spaces in our home, we have a wonderful vision of what we want our rooms to look like. But, alas, we also have budgets. I’ve learned from decorating my own home that you can get the high-style look you’re dreaming of without going over budget. Here’s my trick:  (more…)

When I drive through neighborhoods, it’s not my cell phone that distracts me (much). It’s all the fabulous front door treatments. Your front door is a blank canvas on hinges that’s just waiting for your creative spark to turn it into a mini masterpiece that delights visitors and passersby. Here are six fun, fresh front door looks we’re loving for spring.  (more…)

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What happens when you take two talented visual designers, present them with fireplace mantels just begging to be decorated, and arm them with gorgeous spring decor? A tornado of creativity that results in four fabulous spring mantel treatments. Ready to see what Bruce, our director of visual displays, and Bev, our seasonal designer, have crafted to inspire you as you decorate your mantel for spring?  (more…)


Back in January, a friend gave me some blooming paper whites for my birthday, and every morning, Dan and I drank our coffee near the flowers so we could enjoy the fragrance of spring. Here in the Midwest, we are still weeks from warmer weather, and since I can’t rush Mother Nature, I’m going to celebrate the coming of spring inside.  Wanna join me? Here’s how:  (more…)

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Our homes are sacred places where we restore and reinvigorate ourselves. I’ve found that for a home to fill you to the brim, it needs to be a place where you feel fully yourself. The key to creating a haven is to thoughtfully decorate so your spaces reflect your unique personality, passions and lifestyle.

There are lots of design techniques that will help you achieve this, but right now, pattern mixing is one of my favorite ways to help people put their thumbprint on their décor. You can turn a generic space into a singular celebration of your distinct style simply by pulling together a unique assortment of fabrics.  (more…)

In my fantasy world, I have acres and acres of storage in my home. Nothing is cram-packed into too-small spaces, and I have scads of open drawers and cabinets in which to effortlessly organize my essentials. But back here in the real world, I live in a bungalow with very little storage. So I have gotten really good at finding creative ways to not only store and stash stuff, but to also add to the look of my décor in the process. You can do it too! Here’s how:  (more…)

The world is full of important sidekicks (where would Batman be without Robin?). In the decorating world, one of the all-important but unsung heroes of a room is a great side table.  When we are designing a living room, most of us have a blast picking out a sofa or chair, then we kinda forget about its buddy, the table that will snuggle up and complete the look of the seating arrangement.

It’s not as easy as you’d think to pick the perfect side table. The wrong table can throw off the look of the room. Here are 3 key questions we will be asking customers who come to Nell Hill’s during our popular Wood Furniture Sale (all wood furniture will be 20% off Feb. 15-March 15) in quest of a side table, so they get just the right one for their space:  (more…)


Want to chase away the winter glum by bringing some cheery color into you home? Have I got a dynamic duo for you: turquoise and coral. This peppy color combo adds vibrant energy to a space, whether you do it up loud and proud by washing your room in saturated shades, or just adding a few subtle touches here and there to spark up neutral spaces. Here’s some inspiration to get your started:  (more…)


My home has long been a part of the Ottoman Empire. I was conquered years ago when I starting dreaming of all the ways I could use these small but mighty pieces of furniture in my home to add style and function.  Here are the top 3 ways you can use an ottoman to enhance your interior spaces:  (more…)